Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend in Review

Hope all of the Mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!  Sunday began with church where the girls made these cookie flower pots as a gift for the day.  They each made sure to let me know the pots were breakable a point that they each took note of as their teachers gave instructions. Glad to know they were really paying attention (smile).

We had lunch at Patrick and Jennifer's home with Grandma and Poppie in attendance.  Patrick just returned from a short stay in Pennsylvania and brought Hoagies (special PA sub sandwiches for any not familiar) back so we all enjoyed these for lunch.

Presents with my new camera

Once home it was time to open my gifts that the kids were anxious for me to see and appreciate their choices for me.  The new camera that still allows me to point and click, but will also let me zoom more than I currently can and gives me the opportunity to advance some photography skills by actually learning to adjust aperture and focus.  We'll see how I manage by my future pictures here on the blog : )

Also new T-shirts that I really need for our many outings here and the book light I need to replace my current one.  Amber mailed me some Watkins skin care products and the DVD Les Miserables.

Then after a wonderful dinner of Chinese food from a new place we decided to try I enjoyed talking to Amber and Eddie when they gave me a call.  All in all it was a very special day and I really appreciate the love poured out.

Earlier this weekend we watched in amazement as a pair of very industrious Carolina Wrens decided to use the peat moss bag I'd set on the front patio because of rain in the forecast to build a nest in.  The pair would fly out and pick up sticks, leaves and pieces of landscape fabric that they wove into an intricate nest nestled just inside the open bag of peat moss. 

Sadly I had to remove their hard work in order to use the peat moss in our plantings on Saturday, beside it's not really a practical place to actually lay eggs and have the whole family of baby birds there, so they will have to rethink their housing plans.

The finished nest I had to remove : (

We had a whole load of mulch ( or "munch as Hannah referred to it) delivered on Saturday to cover the plants we've been getting into the ground.  Will show our hard work as we finish this project this week.

It was a productive and fun weekend for our family.  Hope you all had an equally good one and now it's time to get busy this week.  Take care.


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