Friday, May 24, 2013

Shed Progress Continues

The guys have really outdone themselves making significant progress on Cameron's room.  They framed out the space for the bathroom and closet area and installed the pocket door for the bathroom.
That space saver helps not to have to allow for the area a swinging door would need on either side just to open and close.  The closet door will have a bi fold mirrored door, so this too will require less area needed to be able to access the closet and the mirror will serve it's obvious purpose as well as be able to reflect more light in the room.  They have arranged and rearranged the configuration of this space as they've installed everything in order to maximize the usefulness of every inch of space there is in this compact building.

Pocket door frame for bathroom

Bathroom space on right and closet area on left

View into bathroom and corner shower area

Drywall going up

Cam in his space

View of area from front door

Once the framing was done, the drywall went up on walls and ceiling, then it was time to tape and spackle the seams. Patrick demonstrated his proficiency at this and finished it in record time.

Patrick spackling side wall

Closet area

Bathroom area with drywall and spackling

Work began Tuesday and at the same time they were working I had a pet grooming service come over to groom Bear.  She had a completely self contained and air conditioned unit and in he went all shaggy and smelly and then emerged clean, cut and smelling good.  I'm sure with the heat we've had he feels much better with his fur trimmed.  I have appointments for Bea and Nala next week.

Bear before - shaggy and desperately in need of a bath!!

Bear after - looks happy doesn't he?

On Wednesday we took a break from the projects to head to Disney Animal Kingdom.  Grandma had decided to upgrade the short term pass she'd received for Mother's Day into an annual pass.  This needed to be done at Guest Relations at a park so we all decided to enjoy the day there.  With the weather threatening rain we took our rain ponchos and jackets.  For most of the day it was only cloudy and the beauty of that is more animals were out where they could be seen since the sun wasn't forcing them to find shade, so we all enjoyed seeing many that we had only had glimpses of in past visits.  This included the tigers and kimodo dragon along the Maharajah's Trail.   We walked, rode on rides, ate and watched The Lion King show and were watching the bird show Flights of Wonder when loud thunder began and with the threat of lightning and rain they needed to cancel because of all the equipment that could be negatively affected.  The skies had grown quite dark and we decided it was time to head out.  Just in time too, once we were on the road the skies opened up and just poured!!

Grandma with girls on Kilamanjaro Safari ride

Pat and Jen with the girls
Kimodo Dragon

Tiger - just beautiful!!

Lauren and Hannah

Storm moving in

Rain just pouring

Yesterday it was back to work and that's when they finished the drywall and got the room spackled. It is fun watching this come together.  As I headed out to take pictures of their progress I noticed my mulch pushed back near the sidewalk and sand flying out.  I had seen places where this had been done before, but finally got to see what was doing this.  This little lizard was making a place to lay her eggs and she just stayed there and stared long enough for me to get a picture. 

Our day is about to begin so I need to get busy.  Have a good day!!



  1. I am amazed by all the work you do by yourselves. It is actually great. I wish we knew to do all these without getting people into do it. Atleast we can do it exactly the way we like it. When workers come in they never get the exact finish I want:(

    1. I know what you mean about bringing people in. Many times the concept or design doesn't translate into what they produce. It takes more effort and time doing it yourself, but we generally get what we want, barring those unforeseen challenges : )
      Hope all's well with you and your family. Haven't done too much blog hopping lately will make sure to stop by yours!!
      All the best.