Friday, May 3, 2013

A Week of Contrasts

Monday we had a few showers then it was warm in the afternoon and evening, so Kevin took the girls swimming for the first time in our pool.  Later that night we had a lot of rain as Kevin and I went out to the store.


My last post this week was that wet weather was in the forecast and we have definitely seen that.  We've also seen some gorgeous weather in between the heavy downpours.  So we've had to arrange our schedules and projects accordingly.  Tuesday when the forecasted rain didn't show as soon as it had been predicted to and we'd held off on some of the projects we had originally planned on we decided to salvage the day by heading off to Disney with Patrick and Jennifer.  The spur of the moment trip turned out to be a very pleasant one. 

Hannah and I on Dumbo ride

Jennifer and Lauren
I'm waiting along with Cameron as others are on carousel

Kevin and gang on carousel
Pat, Jen and girls

Wet after the large drop on Splash Mountain

Cameron as we head out and the rain clouds gather

This trip put us at the Magic Kingdom park and we were fortunate that the rain held off the whole day.  We had a lot of fun and as the evening arrived and we prepared to leave the clouds moved in and it began to rain as we took the ferry back to the parking area.  Once on the road it poured all the way home and all night long.

On Wednesday Kevin and Patrick worked on molding around the new garage door.  Again the weather held out until late in the day when rain moved in and prevented them from completing the finishing touches so I'll hold off on my pictures of this project until it's totally completed.

Yesterday Kevin and I scooted out despite the pouring rain to an estate sale where I found a nice cabinet for the living room.  We are still short on storage so I keep checking online for sales that seem worthwhile.  Once home we proceeded to do projects indoors since the rain continued to really come down.  Some of the effects the rain has had have been really pretty.  All the drops that have collected on the screened covering over the pool area looks like millions of little jewels when the light hits it. 

Raindrops glistening as sun comes out

Today we were hanging around the house waiting for deliveries of the craftsman style lights I'd ordered for the garage and for our generator.  After the power outage we had not long after moving in we thought it a good idea to be prepared in the future.  The poor guy who delivered it seemed to have the rain following him and again the skies opened up and poured as he arrived and had to unload and cross the busy road in the pouring rain.  Only a few more days of this intense weather are still being forecasted, so for now we get done what we can between downpours and then enjoy the breaks to actually get things done.

Cameron and Kevin waiting in the rain, as the generator is unloaded

Our new propane powered generator

Can't complain though when I see the news and the cold and snow in parts of the country or the Santa Ana winds and fire burning near my parents and sister's homes in Southern California.  I'll take our weather over those conditions.


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