Friday, July 22, 2011

Week In Review

This was another busy week for us starting with Lauren getting a hair cut on Tuesday and visiting with some friends. Lauren's hair is finally getting thicker and she is happy not to have the short hair cuts she used to get in the orphanage.

Friday we went to the Social Security office to file for Lauren's card, it was supposed to be sent automatically with the forms we filed with the State Department when we arrived back in the States.  Since the card never arrived we needed to take all of her paperwork and just like with Hannah and many other adoptive families we know the system does not seem to work as they say.

While everyone was waiting for Kevin to finish the paperwork for the SS card Lynda and kids enjoyed a Taco Bell lunch in the truck!  After the Social Security office we all drove up the freeway to Rancho Cucamonga to pick up some emergency food supplies from the Honeyville Store before heading back home.  (if anyone is interested they do have some other retail stores and a website =  )

Tomorrow we start work on some cross fencing in the back to allow the chickens to be a little more "free-range" during the daylight hours.

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