Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chickens, Snakes, & Pears!

What do they have in common - absolutely nothing!

Well that's not true yesterday when Kevin, Cameron, and Hannah went to feed the chickens eagle eye Cameron once again spotted a rattle snake coiled under some wood scraps we had stacked near the coop.

After that exciting experience we realized that the chicken's were getting too big for their small pen and we needed to do something quickly to expand their range. We have been working on some of cross fencing and making a larger protected area for the chickens, however it will take a few more weeks to have it so they can be protected from the hawks, owls, and the golden eagle that live near by.

Finally, pears - our pear tree which was grafted for three kinds of pears is producing well this year, more fresh fruit for the family and scraps for the chickens and compost pile!

Here is the expansion for the chicken run, we used scrap material again since this is temporary or if we need can be used as a chicken tractor to move the chickens around the property while keeping them protected.

Some of the pears we got yesterday, still more on the tree!

Random photos from yesterday.


  1. I love to see what others are growing! And I love the different varieties of chickens that you have!

  2. Thanks Gina -The woman who blessed us with the chickens gave us eggs from hers and I love that the eggs are as varied and colorful as the chickens. - Lynda