Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July & 6-months with Lauren

Well we celebrated the 4th by taking it easy around the house and later in the evening Amber and Eddie came over for the firework show which went off after the local minor league baseball game ended.  (The Diamond Stadium is just a little over a mile away and we have a clear view since we leave on the side of the hills across the freeway)

On the 4th we also marked 6-months since our "Gotcha-Day" with Lauren.  At times it is hard to believe it has been 6-months and other times it seems so much longer.  Lauren continues to adjust to her new family, home, language, and food.  (we are continuing to adjust to the change in life having Lauren in the family).

Kevin did not do much on the 4th as he somehow injured his back and was not feeling well as a result, so Hannah had to wait until after Amber and Eddie came over to swim, which was a little too late for Lauren.

Here are some photos from the 4th - the fireworks pictures are not the best but we'll post them since we took them!

Bea still waits for her boy to return home.

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  1. Glad you had a happy 4th! Hope Kevin has a speedy recovery. And Happy 6 Months Gotcha Day Lauren!!! Hope you are loving America and your forever family!!