Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cameron's Home & Sunday Worship!

Last night Amber & Eddie brought Cameron home after his two week stay with his grand-parents (Lynda's Parents). He had a fun time and was able to spend one of his weeks helping out their church by running the sound equipment during their Vacation Bible School (VBS). Of course Cam's new puppy Bea missed him and was so happy to greet him when he walked in the door.

Cam hamming it up with his puppy!
Today (Sunday) Kevin re-joined our church's worship team for the first time since last October, he took time off as we prepared for our travel to China, our almost 3-week China trip, school, projects, and letting his wrist heal from an old injury that flared up. (Kev did play drums for Cam's  piano teachers church on Easter and one other week - but each time he did his wrist would swell and hurt for the following week)

Cameron joined the family for our first service before heading over to the church he attends where Eddie is the worship leader.

Practicing before the first service starts.

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