Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cameron Heads Out on Vacation?

Cameron took off early this morning as Uncle Roger, Aunt Karla, and RJ took him up to stay with Grandpa and Baba (Grandmom) for two weeks.  It will be a working vacation for Cameron as he is going to be running the sound system for their church VBS (vacation bible school) and helping Grandpa with some projects around his house.

Hannah was sad to see her big brother leave, Lauren still has not bonded completely and just rolls with "whatever" as long as she still gets three meals a day she is happy.

Our new dog the basset hound that Cam called Bea is really missing her boy also, she has gone to the door several times and into his room looking for him.  She will really miss him tonight as she is used to sleeping in his room. Looks like she'll be in our room for the next two weeks!

Cam's stuff packed for his two week vacation.

One last check - yep - it's all there!

Hannah not too happy about her
brother leaving.   : (

Showing dad something on his iTouch.

Heading out with Uncle Roger.

See you in two weeks Cam - We love you and will miss not having you here!

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