Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mid-Summer Harvest

Not much going on, we experienced some cooler weather this last week with a heavy marine layer (mist/fog) early mornings.  Cameron comes home tonight after his two week stay with Lynda's parents. Hannah and Bea are looking forward to it.  Lauren knows Cameron is away but we think because she saw children come and go from the orphanage that it is no big deal to her.

Our grapes are really producing, we have been harvesting off the vines in the back near the pool area and soon should start getting grapes from the vines in the front yard.  We have picked a bunch of peaches and are looking forward to more and soon pears and figs!

With the hotter weather we experienced last week some of our heat loving plants are really blooming, here are some photos of the harvest, soon to be harvest and flowers in the gardens.

Peaches and Grapes harvested from the backyard.

Fig Tree & Grape vines.

Bougainvillea, Agapanthus, and hens & chicks blooming.

A dragon-fly landed on the Vue's antenna and would fly around and land again. Lynda captured some photos of it landing and flying around.

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