Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aero Garden Seed Starter

To help get our seedlings started Kevin took advantage of a special he found online and ordered the Miracle Grow Aero Garden Seed Starter.  It uses a wicking hydroponic system with a small grow light to get seeds started quicker or grow bulbs.  Some advertisements showed this being used for small apartments to have a small hydroponic garden.  Our purpose for this is to get seeds started for transferring to our tower gardens.

The setup was very simple with all the pieces snapping together quickly.

Kevin then placed the unit on the old trunk in the sun room where we planned to have it set up and he added the water and nutrients as well as the prepackaged seeds that came with this unit.  We plugged it in, turned the light on and there it was ready to start growing the herb seeds.

Seed starters in place and grow light on.

It's now been a week and here is the progress so far.  Once these get a little bigger I'll transfer them to our tower gardens and start some other seeds.  This has proven effective in jump starting the seedlings for us.

As a side note here's a quick Bea update.  We had her to the specialist 3 times following her laser surgery last Monday.  They took extra fluid out of her eye on each visit and with the medicine and drops she has shown improvement and still has sight in both eyes.  So we keep praying for her healing and doing all we can to see her get the best results possible given the dangers that glaucoma presents.

Bea this morning out for a walk.  She's definitely been taking advantage of and enjoying the extra attention.

I'll show the amazing growth we've had in our tower gardens and vertical hydroponic units in my next post.

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