Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hannah's Celebration

As promised yesterday, I have pictures of our celebrations for Hannah's 10th birthday.  She chose the Animal Kingdom as her favorite park to go to so that was our destination.  What a beautiful day to go there too.  It was a nice sunny day, yet not too hot.  The park wasn't that crowded and with Kevin having used Disney's new online program to link Fast passes to your annual pass, we were able to go on the Safari ride shortly after arriving in the morning while it was still cool enough for the animals to be out and about.  That made it a really nice ride!!

We walked and really got our exercise as we experienced the beauty of this park, all the amazing animals and the various activities like the fascinating ability of the wood carver I have pictured as he nimbly used the hatchet to carve a branch into a beautiful walking stick.  This is a park of music, and rich atmosphere with all the incredibly intricate detail of plants, buildings and their ability to create buildings that replicate their originals from various locations in Africa and Asia. It is a sensory rich experience.

Asian peacock sunning himself.

Girls on safari ride, the wood carver and in "Asia"  one of several monkey exhibits.

Disney's Mt. Everest

Girls by Tree of Life sign, and us on the Hannah's favorite Dinosaur ride

Girls waiting for lunch

Bird on her nest and the male rushing in as I was photographing to put himself between she and I.

After several hours spent at the Animal Kingdom our feet were ready for a break, so we headed to the truck and home. I looked back to check on the kids as we drove and the girls were busy playing with leap pads and an iTouch and Cameron was using the time to catch a few ZZZZZ's  .

Once home we had Hannah open presents, then after dinner it was time for some birthday cake. Baba and Grandpa called after we had dinner to wish a "happy birthday", then we sat and watched her new video of the movie Frozen, before it was finally time for bed and an end to the birthday celebrations.   Hannah said it was "a great day and a great 10th birthday!!!".    Love to hear that.                        


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