Friday, April 18, 2014

Garden Inspiration

This week was the last week our annual passes for Disney were valid, so we headed out on Wednesday to spend the day at Epcot park the place we started almost a year ago and have been able to enjoy many days of being entertained over the past year, in the wonderful world of Disney.  The Flower and Garden show is still going on and Kevin had managed to do fastpasses online so we had times to go on some rides we really wanted to do before we take some time off from our Disney visits.  We began at Soaring Over California, then stood in line for a half hour to go on the boat ride through The Land.  Next, we headed to the Nemo ride where I took some really terrible pictures of us, but since I failed to take more of the family on this day they are the only ones I really have to share.  OOPS!!!!

Later in the day we did the Mission Space ride, then after lunch had to treat ourselves to some funnel cake for dessert!!!

Funnel cake, Yummy!!!
This was a photo Cameron was able to capture of the sun and the corona around it that was in the sky as we toured the park for a good part of the day.

We walked and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful day that was pleasantly cooler due to a nice breeze blowing.  I took a lot of pictures of the creative gardening ideas that were on display.  These were creative, pretty and really produced some wonderful food as well.  So I thought I'd try many of these in our landscape and garden projects, especially as I'm finding there to be lots of challenges in my landscape and garden projects I've started already.

Here the gardens are planted in wheel barrow or the one in the wagon is done in pots and planting bags. These show a lot of plants in small spaces.  The benefit of this too would be the ability to move your garden if light or weather became an issue.

The picture on the left is a garden in the mini hay bales.  Love that full size corn can grow in this environment.  The garden on the right is a open style garden wagon that has moss used as a liner to hold the dirt then is filled with vegetable and edible flowers.  Pretty and practical.
These gardens show intensive plantings in large pots, stock tanks and the lower right is a collection of more warm weather plants and small trees in multiple pots pushed together to make a nice collection.  There's banana, pineapple, strawberries and again edible flowers in the collection of the warmer weather plants.
Love the extra large teacup planter with tea mixes growing and surrounded by these gorgeous amaryllis flowers.

Our goal is to produce as much as possible in more intensive growing environments, so these will work not only for us, but as ideas for others as well.  So I was really interested in the many displays and the beautiful presentations we found at the park.

We also made a point of visiting the booth with the compact aquaculture system.  The company that put this together is a local one and in visiting their website I found several places that feature these systems that are close by.  This was exciting and definitely inspiring to us to keep moving forward with the plans we have to include this on our property.

The tank of tilapia is connected to several tanks that filter out more solid waste and run the nutrient rich water through the planting beds then run the cleaned water back to the fish tank creating a looped system that benefits both fish and food production.

Website for the company that created this display, a closeup from the sign they had up.

So after another wonderful day spent in Disney's World called Epcot, it was time to head home and take a break for awhile before we renew our annual passes.  Will use these next few months to explore other Florida destinations and learn more about this State that we call home.

Hannah was walking with me and we were behind Cameron, Lauren and Kevin as we headed out of the park.

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