Friday, March 21, 2014

What's Blooming?

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, or to be totally accurate the Vernal Equinox, a day with equal amounts of sun and darkness. With the weather being so nice I headed outside with my camera to see what had started to bloom in the yard.

I was initially inspired after seeing the bromeliad on my front porch had bloomed.  I haven't actually planted this yet, it's still in a little water and seems to really like the environment.

I have also been smelling the most amazing and sweet fragrance as you step out the front door when there's a light breeze.  Following this it leads to our one apple tree that's on the property and the citrus trees.  They are all loaded with blooms and love the trimming they received and the fertilizer to improve their health.  We're hoping to see fruit actually produced in abundance as a result.  The orange and grapefruits have given us a fair amount this past year, but the apple had only had a couple apples on it and both were snagged by a squirrel.

The flowers on this old scraggly apple tree are pretty as well as fragrant.  Hoping these little beauties produce some fruit.

Then there are these!!! Wish I could produce the smell here, as it's amazing with it's sweet fragrance! All the citrus trees are loaded with these tiny buds and flowers, so barring any late freezes, we should have a lot of grapefruit and oranges.  I also have two lemons in pots that have a lot of blooms and I need to get these planted for optimal production.

With the cold snap we had this winter, it might have been enough to really allow this apple to fruit nicely.  Time will tell.

Then there are a few others that are showing their color already.  As the months progress we should be seeing a lot more color, particularly after this years "dry season" was quite wet for Florida, so with all the extra moisture a lot more should be blooming early on this season.

The salvia I planted last year.

My Japanese Iris

The lake has loads of these lillypads, though I haven't seen any flowers on them yet.  I keep looking!

The Indian Blanket Flowers in the pots I put by the front of the garage are spilling out and actually need trimming back

Then there's this dove, who was enjoying the bugs on this warm and pretty day.  It's one of several pairs of doves we see regularly in the yard.

Kevin and I went to a greenhouse tour this past weekend, and I will be showing the sights and info we learned about on this tour of an aeroponic growing system.  It goes along with what we learned about we when took our tour of the" behind the seed" tour at Disney's The Land last October.  That's a teaser for my next post.

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