Thursday, March 6, 2014

Epcot Flower Festival 2014

It was time for a Disney break and with the weather people calling for heavy rain late in the week we decided that Wednesday would be a good day to take advantage of smaller midweek crowds and to use our passes a bit more before they expire next month.  What we failed to pay attention to was that yesterday was the first day of Epcot's Flower show.  So much for smaller midweek crowds.

Bambi and friends topiary

Various displays around the park

New Kermit and Miss Piggy display

Gnome topiary, Hannah sporting a continental soldiers hat, and Lion King display

Timon and Pumba

Cute little teapot topiary in the tea garden

Tea garden

Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet


We went to last years show on our first trip to Epcot after arriving in Florida.  Some of the topiary were the same as last year while others were new or varied slightly and in new locations.  The weather was great for strolling around and looking at the pretty displays.

"France" overlook

We went through Tinkerbell's Butterfly area.  Being the first day of the show there were lots of butterflies in here, as well as many still in their Chrysalis form in the boxes housing them until they emerge and join the other butterflies in this area.

We also went to an area known as The Seas.  The Nemo ride is there along with lots of aquariums and tanks to watch the fish, dolphins, sea rays and manatee.  We loved roaming around here and seeing all the fish and mammals on display.

The girls and I on the Nemo ride

Cameron and Kevin in their "shell" on the Nemo ride

Frog fish in one of the tanks

Girls checking out some of the aquariums

Lion fish and a beautiful, but weird starfish

After making our way around the world - at least Epcot's world - we stopped for a Dole Whip break, yum!!

It was a nice change of pace and we enjoyed our day out.  Today it was back to a regular school day, and then to the library for more resources. With the rain making it's appearance, looks like our timing was perfect.   Love when that happens!!

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