Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lauren's 9th Birthday

Yesterday was Lauren's 9th birthday and to start her special day we headed out to Cracker Barrel Restaurant to meet up with Grandma and Poppie for brunch.  The kids breakfast menu was not very
impressive and with both girls being hungry they ordered from the adult menu.  Both ordered the Momma's Pancake Breakfast.  Our waitress thought they meant to split this, but I told her both had good appetites and we'd box up anything they couldn't finish.

The girls got their eggs scrambled and the turkey sausage, plus 3 LARGE pancakes
Ready to eat
Breakfast has arrived

Our empty plate club and two very full tummies!!


Grandma and Poppie
Kevin and I
Present time

They happily dug in when their food arrived and both were part of the clean plate club, absolutely shocking the wait staff that didn't think they'd do it.  After breakfast Grandma gave Lauren her present before we parted to begin our day.

Back in the truck Lauren shows off her full belly

The girls played together, and Kevin and I had to go out to a scheduled pick up of our latest Zaycon food order.  Once home I got dinner started and we had Lauren open her presents.

Then after dinner it was off to church where she proudly announced to EVERYONE she met up with that it was her birthday.  I had prepared for this by bringing a tray full of mini cupcakes to take to her class to share.  She proudly held the tray as they sang Happy Birthday to her and she joined in singing "happy birthday to me!!!".  Lauren does love to be the center of attention, so she relished all she got yesterday.

FUN day for Lauren.  Happy 9th birthday!!!
Love you - Mom, Dad, Cameron and Hannah

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