Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Heron Closeup

This guy has become a regular visitor to our property to finish and repair the nest we've been watching go up for weeks now.  I featured his efforts earlier and we've been treated to fly overs, and visits all in the effort to find the perfect stick that's needed next.

Most of the time we're looking at a bit of a distance, but the other day he was right out front by our crape myrtle and I was able to get a few clear shots of this beautiful bird and the detailed colors on him. 

I really had wanted these since I'd like to begin some water color paintings and the photos I had weren't that clear, especially when it came to specific details.  What a fascinating creature he is as he moves around in search of just the right size stick for the next piece in his home building project.  He's very picky too, pulling them out, sizing them up in his beak and breaking off parts to get it just so, before carrying it off to add to the nest.

Love the coloring and wispy feathers

We've been entertained and intrigued by the process. And love watching this beautiful bird as he goes about his business.

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