Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heron's Nesting

Audubon Societies print of Great Blue Heron

We've had a lot of activity lately from these visitors, a nesting pair of Great Blue Herons.  We've watched as the male searches for just the right branch in our trees to break off and carry away.

The Heron in our pine breaking off a smaller branch

Two Sand Hill Cranes in our yard eating and the Heron on the right in among the trees looking for fallen branches.

Or among the already fallen ones on the ground.

After watching many fly overs,  I finally spotted where exactly the pair are building their nest.  It's 3/4 of the way up one of the very tall pines on a small island in the lake behind us.  These pines are over 100 feet tall, so they are up at 80 + feet and have a good view of the lake and food sources below.

Early morning with the steam rising off the lake the Heron flies over on his way for more sticks

Returning to the nest with a stick

The trees on the island with the nest WAY UP THERE!

I was able to zoom in on the pair and their nest

It's been fun and fascinating watching them pick the branches and build this large nest as they prepare for their family.  We are hoping that all goes well and we'll be able to see some little herons in the near future!!

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