Sunday, February 9, 2014

Learning Something New

In an effort to keep things fresh and to continue learning something new, I began experimenting with my new camera to enhance the pictures and perspectives of people, places and things I was photographing.  For Christmas Kevin got me Photoshop, but I haven't yet loaded it on my computer.  I did start using some online free editors like PicMonkey and BeFunky to play around with photos and get a feel for what different styles of picture editing might look like.  Baby steps right now, but you have to start somewhere!
I started with a photo of Nala and after editing put together the first of my collages:

Then played with the shot of Kevin with his Tiara from the day we met Teresa's family at Disney and we all wore our Tiara's to celebrate Teresa's life.

Next, a shot I took of the girl's getting their ballet slippers on before class.  Had lots of fun with this and all the possibilities of colors and textures.

This effect called "underpainting" was my favorite
Finally, I wanted to see what I could do with a landscape shot.  So I took the photo of our boat by the lake out back and began seeing what I could do to change the look of this.

Original photo of boat and background.

Same photo with enhanced colors
Collection of subtle effects made

Collection playing with colors, "poster effect" and diffusing styles.

This one is called "watercolor" and designed to create that very look.

This is "yesteryear" and creates the look of old postcards
So, here are some first efforts, what do you think?  You have to start somewhere, and I know in time I'll be able to really become familiar with these and better at knowing how to use them.

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