Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dual Celebration

Today is Kevin's birthday, and while the day is just beginning and the celebration for him hasn't started we still wish him a very happy birthday.  The kids are looking forward to making it a happy one for dad!!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and a day that for many means celebrating the love of your life with candy, flowers and a special evening out.  It's not that I'm not romantic, but I have never really been into this day as a "must do" celebration.  I generally will pick up small chocolates for Kevin and kids and that's about the extent of it.  Kevin got me a book set on CD that I've wanted so it was special enough for me!!!

As a kid in school we used to bring a bag of valentine cards to hand out to our friends.  The teacher would have us bring for the whole class and we'd set up a bag we'd decorated on the front of our desks to act as our mailbox, then go around handing out the cards and candy to our classmates.

As homeschoolers this is something our kids don't really get to join in.  The odd craft and the candy from me is about the only acknowledgement of the day they are used to.  So when the girls ballet teacher suggested they have a valentine exchange at the end of their class they were both very excited.  I bought the cards they chose, Disney Princess Valentines.  They filled them out, and then we had some Hershey Chocolates to go with the cards, so to hold these I made decorative paper cones.  This would have been a better idea if I hadn't waited until the day of the event to rush to do this!!!!  Still, they turned out and served their purpose.

The Valentine's in the box all set to hand out

Some of the Valentine's

Hannah and Lauren were so excited.  They had the ballet class where they are now learning their Easter dance they'll be performing, and then once the class ended the exchange began.  Both ran around handing out their cards and happily received the cards and treats extended to them.

The girls in their class learning their new dance parts

Time for the exchange

Lauren and Hannah handing out their Valentine's

Lauren proudly showing off one of her valentines.

This little experience that brought such delight made the effort worthwhile and I'm so glad their teacher Katie Beth suggested they do this.  So a Happy Belated Valentine's Day, and today we'll be enjoying our celebration of Kevin's birthday.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Kevin. Also it was nice of the ballet teacher to do something special for the kids. I love the idea that you put the sweets in a cone

  2. Hi Paps, Kevin says thank you for the birthday wishes! Thanks I liked the cone idea as well, I just need to plan ahead if I do that again, because I was hot gluing like crazy to get them all done in time : )