Friday, November 15, 2013

The Osborne Family Lights

No, it's not the Osborne's as in Ozzy Osbourne, but a family whose history is listed here:

Disney does all kinds of lights and decorations for Christmas, and while it's still almost a month away the extent of their decorating takes months to put up, and is introduced over a period of several weeks, with this show at the Hollywood Studios Park being the first. 

On Wednesday we hurried through school lessons so that we could leave for the park in the afternoon.  We wanted to be there at night to see this light spectacle for the first time.  Our time began at Epcot where we "walked around the world", then met up with Patrick, Jennifer and Grandma.  After walking a bit and a ride, we had dinner then took the canal boat over to the Hollywood Studios park.  As we walked back the fact that the temperature was quite cold for Florida only served to add to the wonderful effects of lights, snowflakes falling from the snow machines and then there were THE LIGHTS!!!!

As we walked we all looked for the "hidden Mickey's" among the various lights and effects.

There is an enormous tree that changes colors in the center of the boulevard.


Then there is a street that has lights strung over the top of the street as well as on the buildings.  Every 10 minutes there's a pause to Christmas music, a brief lights off, then the music returns and the lights begin "dancing" and changing colors to the beat of the music, for us it was Feliz Navidad.  It was incredible!!!

Cameron and Grandma


Jennifer, Grandma and Patrick

Kevin, Hannah and Lauren

We thoroughly enjoyed our time out to visit and experience this visual wonderland. SO worth the time and effort.

Today is my birthday (won't share which one -smile) so after the girls ballet class this evening we'll be going to dinner.  Then Sunday Cameron will be celebrating his 20th!! Unbelievable how time flies!

Have a great day, I plan to enjoy mine.

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