Sunday, November 10, 2013

4 H Preparing for the Fair

Our time for the county fair with 4H, has arrived.  Though our girls will not be showing animals as you are required to have cared for your animal for 6 months or longer, they have friends in this group who will be participating. 
The girls have learned about rabbits and chickens along with the other kids in the program that began in September.  Our family has feeding responsibilities as part of the care of the animals at the facility, so they've had the hands on experience of caring for the many chickens and rabbits.

One of the silkies with her chicks

There are pigs here, but those are the responsibility of the individual kids, usually the older ones, who start out with piglets and raise them up to be auctioned off at the fair.

Rebecca showing the others how to hold a chicken

William holding a rooster

In preparation for the county fair the rabbits needed to be tattooed to identify them as the participants rabbit and prevent any mix ups with all the others that will be shown.  The girls who had the rabbits were a bit squeamish, worried they would hurt the rabbits so Kevin was enlisted to use the tattooing tool that puts the identifying numbers on the ears before ink is applied.  Contrary to the girls fears the rabbits didn't seem the least bit bothered by the process.

Kevin applying the tattoo. Girls in the back worried their rabbit will squeal in pain. They were really shocked when it didn't even flinch and was just fine.

Applying the ink after the tattoo.

Then last Tuesday, after the chickens had been separated and caged for a month to prevent injuries and keep them cleaner for showing, it was time to bathe the birds.   Two of the kids who will be showing their birds, Rebecca and William weren't able to make the meeting because they were sick, so our girls stepped in to bathe their chickens.  Lauren was a bit timid despite the birds being gentle, so Hannah with the help of Mr. Gene and Kevin took care of this chore.

Mr. Gene showing how to bathe the chicken's feet

Hannah with Williams now clean hen

Happy to be back in her cage

Kevin bathing Rebecca's chicken

We'll be planning a family trip to the county fair soon, so Hannah and Lauren will be able to see all the animals entered there, and the ones that receive the awards as best in their particular divisions. They'll also get to experience all that a local fair has to offer for the first time.  Should be fun!!


  1. what a nice activity for kids. So much to learn from things like this.

  2. It has been quite educational for the girls as well as Kevin and I : )