Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dreams of Fishing

This is the dream and plan

In the effort to further their ability to catch fish Kevin and Cameron purchased a Jon boat from an older gentleman selling his old boat after he bought a new one. 

This is the current reality (smile)

Time and effort will make the dream reality!!

Positioning the boat on the old stand that the former property owners kept their canoe on in the back by the lake.

After getting it here, the process of clearing a path through the weeds and reeds that have grown up in the shallows of the lake behind us during the extended years of drought began.  Though they have a ways to go they actually made a lot of progress in the hour or so they spent working on this the first time out on Sunday.

Setting the boat in for the first time.  You can see all the overgrowth of weeds.

Cameron using a pole to push out, then he began pulling out the weeds with a rake.

We know there is a deeper area of water in front of the island that is part of our property, but it will be interesting to see as they clear the varying depths of water and the fish in these areas.

The machete needed to be added to their tools to clear more

Progress so far doesn't look like much at ground level

Moving up the property a bit you can see more water showing through. The thick growth beyond is our island and just between it and the taller reeds is where we think the water gets a lot deeper.  They have their work cut out, but it should all be worth the effort.

The water depth is about 3 feet in the area that is already cleared. We're expecting that it will drop off to a deeper level as they move out from the shore more.  All this with the dream of being able to fish off the back of our property.  We hope as time goes on to be able to have a walkway and dock off the back here.

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  1. Wow that is great. Your own island and fishing area!