Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let the Holiday Season Begin!!

Wow, time is marching on!!  Four days now until Thanksgiving and the meal preparations of list making, coupon clipping, sale shopping and recipe gathering has begun.  This has been made a bit easier since I have my new freezer in place.  Had to leave my old one in California when we moved and I'm so used to years of stocking up for the family, that it was hard to only have the smaller storage space in my refrigerator. So last week we bought a 20 cubic foot upright and I've been quickly filling it as my Thanksgiving shopping trips started.

We'll be hosting Kevin's parents this year.  Have never had Thanksgiving with them in the 30 years we've been married, as we've always lived far away and we try to stay close to home to avoid the crazy holiday crowds.  So this should be fun for all.

Called my parents yesterday to wish them a happy 55th anniversary.  Borrowed a photo from my sister's Facebook post of the meal she shared with them to celebrate.  I think they look great after all these years!!!

So back to my preparations.  We're also beginning our plans for how we will put up Christmas lights, since putting them up outside of the house has always been a way to burn off the calories consumed at the Thanksgiving meal.  With the new house we need to plan our strategy for stringing them up.

Think after a warm spell here, the weather will cooperate with a cooling pattern that will help it feel a bit more like the Fall Season.  So if you're busy preparing, all the best to you and your for a Happy Thanksgiving.


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