Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Homeschool Thanksgiving Crafts

After doing their school lessons the girls spent some time learning about the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving from a couple of books we have.  Then it was time to have a little fun.

Hannah working with Lauren as she progresses in her first Phonics reader

First I traced the girls hands so they could have their "hand turkeys".

Tracing Hannah's hand

Tracing Lauren's hand

Time to color their turkey hands

Then they colored a sheet with the pilgrims and a small turkey .

Next, we used toilet paper rolls and construction paper to make some other turkey characters.

Hannah cutting the feathers for their turkeys

Let the gluing begin

They loved this, and were quite pleased with their efforts.

While, they worked on these I began to get my orange-cranberry relish together for tomorrow.  This was a recipe given to me by a woman I met years ago when Kevin and I lived in Connecticut.  Her name was Desire Parker and she was a unique woman.  She was the first woman engineer to work for Electric Boat, in the design department for submarines.  She had purchased the old homestead of one of the earliest English settlers in that area and had spent years rebuilding the old "salt box" style home.  I was pleased to join she and some of her friends for Thanksgiving one year when Kevin, who was in the Navy at the time, was away at sea.  This relish was one of the dishes she served and Desire gave me her simple, but delicious recipe that I have made each year since, when I prepare our Thanksgiving meals.

This is it:

Orange-Cranberry Relish

3 Seedless Oranges
1 Package Cranberries
1 Cup Sugar, more or less to your taste

I use my food processor, she used a small hand chopper to mince
the fruit up to tiny relish size pieces.  Once done, mix in sugar and
add more if you like a sweeter relish or less if you want it a bit
more tart.  I try to prepare a day in advance and refrigerate so the flavors
have time to mix.  Enjoy!!


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