Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disney World Hollywood Studios

Yesterday was our first day of Disney World with Amber, Eddie and the rest of our group. It was a beautiful day for this and despite a larger crowd due to the Columbus Day Holiday, it was still a lot of fun.

Steve at the start of our Disney day

Hollywood Studios

Our group starting off

Amber and Eddie with Eddie's first time badge to mark his first Disney World visit

We started with walking around the park a bit then after the Star Tours ride and lunch we headed to the Lights, Motors and Action Stunt Show.  It was an action packed car, motorcycle, stunt man show complete with fires and explosions. Really enjoyable!

Tower of Terror ride, Star Tours and Little Mermaid

Car and Stunt show
Disney's version of Grommin's Chinese Theatre and the Monster's U topiary

Next at the beginning of our back lot tour Stevie volunteered to be part of the "film" crew who would "act" and have that combined with the special effects demonstration that would be worked into the film Harbor Attack.  It was funny to see him with the 3 other volunteers doing the moves they were instructed to, then with the water effects added and finally to see this film spliced into the context of the original movie for us all to watch on the monitors.  Not sure we have an actor in the family though (smile).

Then on to the back lot tram tour where after seeing props and the costume creation area we felt like we experienced a tanker truck "explosion" with a flood of water to put it out. The ride is equipped with a hydraulic system that moves the tram about as the tanker catches fire and explodes.  Then the rain and flood begin that douse all.  Hannah really got a kick out of the spray of water, that in the heat was refreshing!

Our group then split up so Kevin could take Amber, Eddie and Cameron over to the hotel to check in. Amber and Eddie are staying until Thursday, but Cameron stayed last night so he could enjoy the night time park displays.

Steve and Stevie headed to some coaster rides and Grandma, Pat, Jen, the girls and I went to watch the Beauty and the Beast show as well as the Little Mermaid Show. 

Once we all were back it was time to say our goodbyes as we parted company with Steve and Stevie who will head home today, and to say so long to Amber, Eddie and Cameron until we see them at the Park again today

So today it's off to the Animal Kingdom to enjoy our visit with Amber and Eddie while they are here in Florida.


  1. Wow so much has happened during the last two weeks here. Been to Disney world some time back and I remember how my legs were aching from walking so much.

    1. It was fun with our whole group, but my legs know what you're talking about : )
      Love having Amber and Eddie out here with us.

  2. The first time Chad and I went to Hollywood Studios we were picked for that same skit. Trust me....we both are definitely not actors!! And we got soaked!! Looks like fun!

    1. Becky that's funny!! I was surprised Stevie volunteered, he's really quiet and seems so shy. I wouldn't volunteer to be in front of a crowd, maybe standing in the line and the heat inspired him!!! : ) Yeah, acting isn't in his future, but having him in the show made it so much more enjoyable for all of us.