Friday, October 11, 2013

Amber and Eddie Here

Amber and Eddie shortly after picking them up at the airport

Hannah and Lauren excited about the arrival prior to arriving at the airport for pickup

Orlando airport from the cellphone parking lot we waited at until they called to say they were there and ready for pickup

Cameron in his spot towards the back of this long van

Well after months of planning they are here!!!  We were all so excited to head to the airport on Thursday to pick up Amber and Eddie for their visit.  We've been planning this since we moved to Florida.  On Wednesday Kevin and Cameron picked up the 15 person van we rented since not only are Amber and Eddie visiting, but Kevin's brother Stephen, his son Stevie are here to stay with Pat and Jen, plus Patrick and Jennifer's son's P.J. and Daniel will be here for the weekend too.  It's the first time Kevin's family will get to meet Eddie and to see Amber again after 5 years since our last visit with them in Pennsylvania. So with all the people to carry to the various places we want to visit while they are in Florida, we thought it would be easier with the van.

Our group today with the van behind

We picked Amber and Eddie up Thursday in the early evening from the Orlando Airport.  Then headed for dinner at Don Pablo's restaurant before heading home.  Friday we picked up Stephen, Stevie, Patrick and Jennifer to head to Blue Springs to look around.  Though it's too early for the Manitees to be in the area it was still a nice hike and great place to tour around.  The "Steve's" decided to enjoy the warm water with a swim downstream while the rest of us hiked the trail.

Amber and Eddie at Blue Springs

My girls

The Steve's going for their swim

The old Thornsby house on site

Blue Springs

Then when we were done at the Springs we headed to The Swamp House for lunch and to let Amber and Eddie try some Gator bite appetizers before their meals.  It  was good food and a nice place to enjoy it in, before heading to our next stop at Green Springs park.

Swamp House and our group

Tasting gator bites
Alligator decor

Green Springs park stop

After that it was home for the girls to get ready for ballet, then back home again for dinner and to relax as we prepare for some more touring of this Florida vacation spot for Amber and Eddie.  We're loving our time with them and everyone else who's been able to visit and make this a really special time together.

Lauren and Hannah ballet

Amber doing the girls nails before dinner

Tomorrow we're heading off for some more touring around the old Highway known as "The Loop", that's an old highway built at the turn of the last century with it's scenic views and many historical sites or places of interest along it's route.

Fun and busy first day and a half!!

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