Thursday, October 17, 2013

Animal Kingdom

On Tuesday it was time to visit Disney's Animal Kingdom with Amber and Eddie.  With their boys back at their respective homes and Steve and Stevie home too, it was just Pat and Jennifer along with us for this trip.

We began on the African Trail to see the animals and head to Rafiki's outpost and petting zoo.

Amber and Eddie with "Tree of Life" in background

Girls in petting zoo

The day was a bit overcast, but the cooler temperature was perfect for walking and enjoying a park with animals that will actually show themselves when it's comfortable to be out and about.  So we got to see and enjoy so much more.

The safari ride had so many more animals out that we had several delays
 along the trail as the animals were walking back and forth and the jeeps needed to stop and wait for them. With the nice temperature for the first time we actually saw the lions lounging on top of the rocks instead of crouched down in the shade and only seeing small hints of them!!

We enjoyed the Flights of Wonder bird show.

Then Amber and Eddie took turns going on the Everest Ride first with Kevin and then with me.  Love this roller coaster ride!!

Everest Ride picture from across the lake

Ride Entrance Sign

Amber and I waiting for the ride, and then Eddie and Amber afterwards

Ride photo captured from screen,  Me with my hands up for the rides longest drop.

After lunch it was over to Dino Land and the Dinosaur Ride that is supposed to take you back in time in a time travel jeep.

Our group captured on rides photo screen

We walked A LOT, talked, rode and enjoyed ourselves.

Patrick and Jennifer

Girls on ride

By evening Patrick and Jennifer headed home, and the rest of us went to Downtown Disney to let the kids along with Amber and Eddie experience the Raglan Road restaurant and pub that Kevin and I have been to several times.  They enjoyed the Irish music and dancers, and as always the food was delicious.

The girls and I at Raglan Road

Eddie, Amber, Cameron and Kevin in our booth.  Bright sun reflecting on the booth's glass messed up my shot : (

Walking in to the restaurant (left), my Shepherd's Pie for dinner center, and Irish Dancer's on the right.

After dinner we walked a bit then it was home for us, while Amber and Eddie stayed on at Downtown Disney before they went back to their hotel.  Fun day, the girls were exhausted and conked out almost as soon as we started to drive home.

We let Amber and Eddie enjoy time at Disney on their own Wednesday, but today we'll pick them up along with Pat and Jen and we'll all be going to Epcot for the day.  Better get ready.

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