Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Morning Hunting

Cameron, my brother Patrick, and I went out for the last time on our hunting trip this morning to a local farm of a friend.  We first tried the wooded area with tree stands from sunrise until about 9 am. After that my brother Pat took a walk around the woods to try to see if he could kick any deer up - no luck.  We then packed up and moved to the other side of the farm where there is an area of thick growth, Pat walked through the area to drive any deer out while Cam and I stood in the recently plowed corn field area.  Pat did kick up at least one deer but it never ran out of the thick brush into the clearing where we could get a shot at it.

Cam did get to experience shooting several different guns including the shotgun he hunted with yesterday and today.

Here are some pictures:

Me (Kevin) with my brother Pat.

Me and Cameron.
Uncle Pat with Cameron.

Cameron shooting the shotgun.

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