Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

We made the final preps today so that Santa is clear to visit our house - the girls are so excited, we will see in the morning how Lauren reacts to her first experience with Christmas!

Cameron spent some time today helping the girls make some rice crispy holiday houses - the pictures tell the story:

We also spent some time watching Santa's progress though the day on the NORAD website, we forgot to get a picture with Lauren checking out the site, and she is now fast asleep so we will let her dream the night away.

And finally, Amber arrived with Eddie's sister Erica to spend the night, Eddie arrived shortly after as he was leading worship at their church service and needed to pack things up prior to heading over. Everyone is now sitting around eating some venison bologna, cheese and crackers!

And in the words of Kemit the Frog, "Only one more sleep til Christmas!"

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