Thursday, December 8, 2011

A close look at our Christmas Tree.

Christmas has always been a magical time for us as we grew up and now we pass on our family traditions and love for the holidays with our children. We have never been into collections with the exception of items for our Christmas Tree. Here is a closer look at some of our decorations and their stories.

Lynda was born in France while her parents were stationed there with Lynda's father being a US Air Force pilot. These first decorations were purchased by Lynda's parents in Germany prior to Lynda's birth. The carved wax angel that for years served as the families tree topper. The cute little elf, who sadly has lost his nose over the years.

After we married we received gifts from family to mark and celebrate our first Christmas together:

When Kevin was assigned to the US Navy base in Connecticut this was the first decoration we purchased together at a little kiosk in a local shopping center:

During our first 6-years of marriage Kevin was serving in the US Navy in the submarine force and would not be home for Christmas. As a result of these long separations Lynda would leave the Christmas tree up sometimes for months at a time and celebrate Christmas once Kevin returned home. It was during this time that Lynda would find items on sale following Christmas and add them to the tree. Some of these included characters from Lynda's favorite Christmas story - Dickens "A Christmas Carol". The father Christamases representing the "ghost of Christmas Present" and of course good old Ebenezer Scrooge!!

Another first to celebrate was the first Christmas we had with a child - Cameron was our first and this marked the occasion:

During our trip to Russia to bring Amber home we took the time to go to the International Market in Moscow and found some hand painted wooden decorations with distinctly Russian characteristics.

Finally, when we were in China first to bring Hannah home in 2005 and then to bring Lauren home in 2010, we bought decorations for our tree. The first time after touring a closoinne factory and seeing the intricate work done, then going to the "Friendship" store on both trips to purchase these items to commemorate our newest additions.

All of our ornaments brought out each year serve as reminders of all the milestones we've marked, and changes in our lives.  Each evokes memories of Christmases past, a celebration of our current one together and the many blessings we've experienced.


  1. I have the same Candy Cane Heart first Christmas:) Oh, yes, - the ornaments tell a story. I especially miss the little mouse asleep in a nutshell - my son took it, along with glass bells that tucked into each other - when he and his wife had their first Christmas. I miss that little mouse:)

  2. I love that your ornaments tell (and remind you of) stories that a bunch of uniform, shiny balls couldn't.

  3. What a wonderful thing to have your ornaments so deep with personal meaning. And through it all, He has walked beside your sweet family and woven together a rich tapestry of His Grace. Thank you for linking up! :)

  4. I never looked at your tree like that, it does have so much history to it! That's pretty cool :)