Monday, December 5, 2011

Kevin & Cameron Return Home

We are a little behind in posting but will catch up in the next couple of days. On Friday night Kevin's brothers and sister-in-laws came over to visit on Kevin and Cameron's last night in Pennsylvania.  Kevin's sister was not able to make it over.  Earlier in the day Kevin's mom and stepfather arrived to spend some time together. It was great to see everyone and amazing that even though they do not see each other on a regular basis they can get together and just pick up like the last time they were together was the night before.

Then on Saturday Kevin's brother Pat drove them to the Philly airport to head home, it is always an emotional good-bye between the two of them as they have always had a close relationship and friendship since childhood. There was delay or 2-1/2 hours at the airport and they had to switch planes due to a bad switch in the cockpit, their flight out of Phoenix was also delayed 1/2 hour and so they did not get home until almost 9 pm. Lauren was asleep when they arrived however they were eagerly greeted by Lynda, Hannah, and the dogs!

Carr men (l-r) Brendan, Jim, Pat, Kevin, Steve.
Cousins (l-r) Cameron, Shane, Steve Jr., Daniel, Pat Jr.

Pat & Kevin saying good-bye at

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