Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Card, Santa, & the Mall.

"Christmas Card, Santa, & the Mall", almost sounds like something Ed McMahon would say to Carnac the Magnificent (Johnny Carson). However there is no funny question to match the answer, it only describes what we were up to last night and this morning.  We needed to complete a family photo in front of one of our trees, it is an annual tradition and we can look at photos over the years and see how the children have grown and we have changed as a family. We took the picture last night printed up our cards and Lynda has been busy getting them all out in the mail.
2011 Christmas Photo
Then today we took the girls to the local mall to meet Santa, this was the first time that Hannah actually wanted to go and sit on his lap - we did not even try last year as the previous years it seemed too traumatic for her!  : )  While at the mall the girls got to experience the food court for the first time - yummy!

Getting Ready to Go.
Waiting in Line


Lunch at the Food Court.

We finished off the day at the Apple Store where dad needed to have his laptop battery replaced and get a new power adapter (which was under warranty replacement). The girls enjoyed playing some children's learning games on one of the computers while they waited for dad. Cameron took the opportunity to walk around the store and dream of his next laptop or iPad.


  1. Precious pictures!! Precious memories being made. :)

  2. The Santa picture looks great, good job Hannah!