Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lynda's Birthday.

November 15th we celebrated Lynda's Birthday.  Amber and Eddie joined us for dinner - Chinese Take Out - Lynda's request.  It was a nice evening together and Lynda loved all the presents that the children picked out for her  (the kids do a better job of taking mom's hints than dad  - that's why dad now asks the kids for ideas and listens to them! lol )

Lauren & Hannah playing dress-ups.

Lynda opening some of her presents, yes that stereo player has a cassette - Lynda has a bunch of teaching tapes that we need to convert to MP3's but in the mean time still needs something to play them on - they are hard to find!

Amber & Eddie

Lynda & Amber

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  1. Happy Birthday Lynda!!!! Sorry I missed it on facebook! :( Hope you had a great day!