Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hunting Camp

As you may be aware from one of Lynda's earlier postings, Cameron and me (Kevin) are back east in Pennsylvania with my brothers and some of my nephews for a hunting trip.  We spent Sunday until today at my brothers cabin and went through various weather seasons, experiencing one each day.  Sunday and Monday mild temps and clear weather, Tuesday - rain (and lots of it), and today freezing temperatures - snow, sleet, freezing rain, and winds.

On Monday which was the first day of the season for rifle, three deer were taken, my older brother Jim got a doe, my nephew Steve Jr, took a 6-point buck, and our new friend (but long time friend of my brothers's) Frankie took a button buck. The temps were too high for them to keep the deer hanging at the camp overnight so 1/2 of our camp (4-people) left Monday evening to take the deer on the 3-1/2 hour trek back home and to the butcher.  Cameron, my brother Pat, my nephew Dan, and I stayed behind to hunt more, however the bad weather kept the deer low and there were not enough hunters out in the woods to stir them up and get them moving.  We arrived tonight at my brother Pat's house and will be going to the farm of a local friend to try our luck there using shotguns w/slugs.

Here are some photos from the past few days - I will add captions tomorrow and edit/update the post, however we need to be up out in position before sunrise (which meant the past few days only getting a few hours of sleep each night as Cam and I are still on West Coast time!).

Uncle Pat showing Cam the rifles
Cam getting a chance to practice and
get familiar with the various guns.

Kevin getting a feel for the scope.
Cam shooting Uncle Steve's handgun.

Kevin - Up a Tree! Sitting about 10-feet up in a tree stand.

Frankie getting his tree stand set up on Sunday.
Kevin used this spot after Frankie left
 as there was an 8-point buck that ran
 by Kevin and Cam when they went to help
Frankie with his take. 

Uncle Steve setting up the stand
 he would be hunting from. Lovingly called, "The Condo"

Cam climbing up to test out his stand.

The hunting cabin with Frankie, Cam, and Daniel.