Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cameron's 18th Birthday

It is hard to believe that Cameron, our once little boy is now a more than 6-foot tall young man.  On Thursday Cam turned 18 and had his traditional meal from Outback Steakhouse. Amber & Eddie were able to join us for dinner and the celebration of Cameron's birthday.

Amber & Eddie gave Cameron a hat to keep him warm on our upcoming deer hunting trip, and we had to take a picture of Cam as he shouted our his favorite line from The Three Amigos - "It's a sweater!"

He was very surprised with his new Call of Duty game
as most of his online friends already had it and he did not
even include it on his wish list.

Just thought we would put these in because they are so cute, the first shows how Cameron and Hannah's temperature gauges are completely opposite. When one is cold the other is hot - go figure!

Hannah trying on Cam's new hat - she looks like our little Eskimo girl.

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