Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Busy Start to the Week.

Last night our dog Mia started to have some problems walking and some mild seizures, she was cold, with high heart and respiration rates. After a little research on-line we realized that she was having a reaction to some flea treatment we gave the dogs. Once we found out what was going on we bathed her to remove any residual treatment that was on her fur and kept her warm.  Today we nursed her and she was able to start drinking water again, she finally ate and her temperature, heart/respiration rates were returning to near normal. She is still doing what is called posturing with her rear legs and has some trouble walking - so Kevin has been carrying her in and out of the house.

Kevin w/ Mia.
Cameron w/ Bear - both were concerned
about Mia.

On a positive note, Lynda has always liked a counter size table for our dining room and we have been looking to replace our current dining room set which is about 25-years old. Kevin and Cameron went out today and picked one up that we found on sale and with 8 chairs - just what we have been wanting.

Hannah the first to try out the ne

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