Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

First the update on Lauren - we heard back from our doctor today that the ultra-sound taken last week on Lauren indicates that her kidney, bladder, etc all appear normal and working fine.  We will continue to work on keeping her immune system healthy and watching her nutrition.

Signs of spring in Southern California include not only flowers, but strange weather, and return of the ducks!  In March we can experience weather that is almost like having 4-seasons in one month.  Last week temps in the 80's and dry, this week rain, wind, cold (down to freezing here tonight).  However signs that spring is in the air include the flowers starting to bloom, the sweet smell of jasmine out front, and the return of the ducks.  In the back we have a pool that is a rockscape design and looks like a pond - and it is not just that we think it looks like a pond, a pair of ducks have visited us the last couple of years and last year actually built a nest and laid eggs while we had the pool down to repaint.  Along with the return of the ducks comes Cameron's job to try to scare them off so they nest someplace else. (photo of his duck blind is included) ; )

Cameron's Duck Blind and a picture of the pool from one of the last summers so you know what the ducks are interested in. Cameron had a hose hooked up and as soon as they would land in the water he would turn it on to scare them off.  (do not worry there is a large lake less than 1-mile away that they can find plenty of room to swim and nest).

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