Friday, March 11, 2011

Rehearsal, Lunch, & Reception Hall Setup!

Today we went over to the Lambs Fellowship Lake Elsinore Church to have our rehearsal for the wedding.  Everything seemed to go well with the exception of Lauren thinking she had to run up the aisle, luckily Hannah had a good grip on her hand and was able to reel her in! Tomorrow morning before we leave for the church we will play the clip from Father of the Bride where the flower girl walks up the aisle and use the translator to make sure she understands it is a walk and not a race with her sister! : )

Following the rehearsal we went to Amber & Eddie's pastor's house where Eddie Sr. and Liz (Eddie's parents) treated us to a great lunch! We then all headed over to the Reception Hall to finish the decorations.  The entire wedding party, Lynda's parents, Uncle Bill, and Eddie's parents all joined us. It was such a blessing to have all the extra help and as such we were able to get done pretty fast and think we are now ready for the big day tomorrow!

Hannah & Lauren practicing being flower girls.

Cameron & Lynda walking up the aisle.
(sorry it is blurry)

Here comes the Bride - practice!

Tomorrow it all becomes a reality!

Lunch time after the rehearsal.
Eddie & his mother Liz.

Setting up and photos from the Reception Hall:


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  1. Congratulations and praying it all goes without a hitch today!! Can't wait to see real wedding pics!