Monday, March 28, 2011

New Name for Blog

Well we can not change the blog address, but we thought that we needed to update the header (title) for the blog as we completed the "journey" to Lauren Mei and have now transitioned into our new life together.

We thought it was appropriate to indicate that the little girl once known as Guang Mei in China is now becoming a new person as Lauren Mei in America.  She now lives in a family instead of an orphanage, she has her own room and is not sharing it with 20+ other children, she is learning English and it will become her primary language soon, of course we could go on but you get the point Lauren's entire life is changing.

Thank you all who are still following and praying for us, we appreciate the love and support!


  1. Each little step is incredible progress...even watching my 1 y/o grandson persevere (to my "dismay")and learn he can climb UP onto chairs (and anything else - yeah)...always reminded how God has an order in which we mature and grow and uses us to see that plan accomplished! Lauren is blessed to have you all to show her the way!

  2. Thanks Guerrina - appreciate this.