Friday, March 18, 2011

Bubbles & Giggles

This past week we had an appointment for Lauren to have an ultra-sound on her kidneys and bladder since she had a history of past kidney and UT infections. We should have the final results this next week and then determine if there is a need for additional evaluations or medical treatment. Lauren did well during the procedure, she did cry when we first put her on the table to lay down, however as soon as she realized there were no needle sticks or blood tests she calmed down and was fine.

Leaving the lab after the ultra-sound.

Now  - the bubble and giggles. This afternoon since is was such a beautiful day outside we had the girls in the front yard and used some of the left over bubbles from Amber and Eddie's wedding and filled up Hannah's Little Mermaid bubble machine and let them chase the bubbles around.  Both girls laughed and giggled and Lauren did her little scream that drives us crazy! : )

Using fountain grass for sword play.

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