Sunday, November 23, 2014

Time to Go Home

We had fun the last couple of days Amber and Eddie were here, though the day of their departure loomed.  On Monday it was Cameron's actual 21st birthday, but he had to leave for school in the afternoon.  Amber and Eddie wanted to make us a meal, so they bought all the goods and prepared the most delicious chicken and cheese enchilada's.  Cameron was able to have his and open his gifts before he had to leave for school.  Then we all sat down and enjoyed their wonderful enchilada's.

Amber and Eddie making the enchiladas

After lunch we got in the truck and headed to Winter Park intending to walk and enjoy the shops and scenery, then have dinner down there.  Whereas Sunday had been a beautiful sunny day, Monday's forecast of a "slight chance of rain" quickly changed to a dreary day and steady down pour.  Even with our rain jackets and umbrella's we had to keep ducking into stores to try to keep dry.  After walking down both sides of the streets and being soaked from the driving rain, we stopped into a little shop at the back of a set of shops and out of the rain to get coffee, sit and try to get more comfortable despite the climate.  The shop was a cute little place that sells macaroon cookies and absolutely delicious coffee.  They had a few tables and chairs in the indoor patio area we could sit at and enjoy our snack.

Street scenes and window display

Stepping out of the rain and getting our macaroons

The Macaron store

Rainy drive home

We decided afterwards to head home, and enjoy some leftovers for a warm, dry dinner together at home.  That worked out well and we were able to enjoy a movie and each others company before Amber and Eddie had to leave on Tuesday to go home to Portland, Oregon. Cameron headed to school early for his finals, so the rest of us drove to the airport.  It's so hard to say good bye.

Amber and Hannah playing hangman on the drive to the airport
Time to say our good byes

We loved having all our kids together and enjoying each others company.

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