Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day Two of Amber and Eddie's Visit

I'm slow to post, so I'll do a review of our visit with Amber and Eddie.  I posted our first outing to Cape Canaveral on Wednesday, and then on Thursday while Cameron had to head off to school, we drove over to Down Town Disney.  Our first stop was Portobello's Italian Restaurant for lunch.

There is a lot of construction going on there as they add parking structures and revamp much of the area so most of the walking paths have colorful boards up to guide you around the construction.  It feels a lot like being caught up in a maze and is a bit claustrophobic, but it will make for a much nicer area once everything is done.

Amber and Eddie near the water

Balloon scenic ride

Some of the MANY boarded paths around the construction

Sing to show the plans for this area and that they hope to have it ready by the Spring of 2016

After walking off our lunch we decided to treat ourselves to dessert at Ghirardelli's and had ice cream sundaes - YUM!!!!

We then stopped in a few more stores and headed home to relax and enjoy time together.

Frozen display in one of the Disney stores

My Princesses
I'll post more of their stay tomorrow.

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