Monday, November 3, 2014

Sweet Ride

Transformers car and character Bumble Bee stock photo

Since Cameron was a little guy watching the Transformer movie he has loved Camaro and Mustang cars, like the character Bumble Bee in the movie.  Whenever we sees them on the road, in a car lot or parked somewhere he takes note of it especially if it's a color he likes.

We received a recall notice for the Vue due to an ignition problem where the key can come out while the car is still running.  We've never had a problem with this, but when Kevin followed the steps they gave to see if this could happen to ours it did.  So he scheduled an appointment to have it fixed, and we dropped the car off early Saturday morning since Kevin had this past weekend off of school.  A little after dropping it off they called to say they didn't have the proper ignition parts and would have to special order it and it wouldn't be in until Thursday.  Since they knew this was a hazard to be on the road they gave us a loaner car to use in the mean time.  A brand new Malibu!! Okay, it's not a Mustang or Camaro, but it still has the same lines and sporty appearance.

Cameron by the car

Cameron was thrilled to HAVE to drive this while he waits for the Vue to be fixed.  So today he's off to school in his new, albeit temporary, sweet ride.

He looks like this suits him
This will give him something to dream on as he completes his school and aim for as he heads into a career in game arts and computer graphics.

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