Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day Three and Four of Amber and Eddie's Visit

Friday and Saturday were days we stayed around the house more to get a chance to visit, craft and celebrate my birthday.  On Friday Amber and Eddie offered to watch the girls so Kevin and I could go out for a coffee for my birthday.  Cameron had already headed off for a day of school and I set up a table in the living room with my craft supplies, so the girls could work on projects, including some Amber wants to use for her Christmas table she's decorating in December.

Hannah and Lauren crafting

Hannah getting her toe nails done

Lauren sporting her painted nails
Amber spraying her pine cone decorations gold

So while Kevin and I were out and about the girls crafted and painted nails.  Loving their time with their big sister, Hannah and Lauren spent hours working on their various pieces, and cards.

Enjoying my birthday with my family!!

That evening the kids treated me to presents after dinner of Chinese food from my favorite take out restaurant.

On Saturday we hung out here again crafting, watching movies and just enjoying our time with Amber and Eddie around.

Since moving from California to Oregon, Amber has missed her Chic-Fil-A, so that was lunch

Amber's selfie with Bea

My girls

Loved the time relaxing and visiting at home.

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