Friday, September 6, 2013

First Ballet Class

The girls have been wanting to take a dance class for the longest time, but between our preparations to move and resettling it hasn't been a priority.  Even when I have looked for classes so many are for those that want to head on to professional goals and though I admire the commitment of these studios I just want someplace my girls can learn new skills and get some exercise as well as to experience this form of creativity.  So when we met a new group of homeschool mom's who let us know about a class that was beginning that would teach basic ballet and combine it with a worship dance class, this was perfect.

We took both Hannah and Lauren to buy a couple leotards and ballet slippers in preparation for their first class yesterday and today when it was FINALLY time to get dressed and ready they were both so excited.  The class is a mixture of ages and skills, and both girls really loved their time there.

Hannah's in pink and Lauren's in front of her in the black. I thought Lauren was a bit confused about which foot to place where, but it turns out poor thing needed to use the restroom : )

I'll have to look for a DVD for them to practice with during the week to keep working on skills they were introduced to in this first session.  I had to photograph them through the window so some of the pictures don't have the clarity I would have liked, but it still serves to document another first for both.



  1. My daughter does ballet and she just loves it too.

  2. It's fun to watch them in their class as I'm sure you've found yourself. It will be interesting to see their progress with this group.