Monday, September 16, 2013

Ballet Practice

After the girls first lesson in their ballet class, I knew in order for them to develop the skills being demonstrated they'd need to be able to practice and since this isn't a skill set I have I headed to the library to see if there might be an instructional DVD that could help them with this. I was thrilled to find a couple in the kids section that would be useful for us now.

The one Prima Ballerina was not done originally in English and was far more advanced than it indicated it would be with the young ballerina's already skilled at their positions - the very thing our girls are just now trying to learn.  So the video with the little kids was more helpful with stretching and initial foot and arm positions, plus it's done in a fun way that makes it less intimidating and the girls relate to and learn from.

So since this is also helpful for them to participate in as their physical education for homeschooling, I went online and found several more videos I've ordered to help them develop their skills and be able to get more out of the group class on Fridays.

They were so excited as they got ready for last Fridays class and were able to wear another of their ballet outfits we bought initially for these classes.  Since their instructor wants their hair up and out of the way I had to get creative since Hannah's hair is so thick and long it doesn't make for a small compact bun.  Fortunately I still had some decorative hair care accessories that I was able to use to put their hair up.  A stretchy beaded bun holder worked for Hannah and since Lauren still has a lot of layers in her pony tail I worked a decorative piece with combs that held most close to her head but allowed the shorter pieces out and didn't look bad.  Mom will have to practice up on her hair styling skills : )

So off to begin another week, the girls are already busy with their math and need my attention.
Have a great day.

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