Thursday, September 26, 2013

ECHO Ranger Triple Header Part 2

Our tour on Saturday of the Casements continued after a lunch break at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens.  It's only a few blocks away from the Casement House.  This 4.5 acre botanical garden was founded in 1946 as a war memorial.  The site had once been a large empty lot with sand dunes that became an eyesore as dumping took place or people just hung out and dropped trash.  So with permission the community began cleaning up and planting the property.

Art Museum Entrance

Peacock sculpture in the pond in front of the art museum with 3 turtles in residence there

One of the 3 turtles

Later an art museum was built to show the works of a popular Ormond Beach artist as a working studio and gallery.  In following years, travelling shows became the norm for the museum that features works in different genres by a wide variety of artists to keep it fresh and always have something new for people to check out.

Linda King giving her tour of the museum to our group

The craft room

Coloring their art pieces
Linda hot glued Lauren's dragonfly she decorated to a stick to fly around the garden as we toured.

Lauren and Hannah with their finished pieces

During our time there they had a history of cartoons and a large display of anime art.  The woman who acted as our tour guide is a local artist who gives classes and volunteers at the museum. She led the kids in some craft time after showing them around the museum.

Then once the crafts were done, we headed out to walk around the botanical garden area.  The trees are large and dense and this offers all kinds of micro climates within the garden that allow for tender plants to not only survive, but thrive here. 
Upper story trees
A view of the size and density.

Banana tree with fruit growing in the center of this garden

War memorial in bronze

The trails wander in and around the trees and shrubs to create garden rooms, with various art pieces, memorials, water features and pleasant places to sit and enjoy the garden.

Pretty bird of paradise flowers and plants growing throughout the garden

Hiking the trails

A nice pergola in the midst of the pathways

A stone bench and raised area along the path

Sculpture along one of the trails

A beautiful waterfall that was as pleasant to hear as it was to see.

This made for an enjoyable time between our two other historic sites we visited this day.  I'll do another post to highlight our time at the last of our "triple header" tours this time out.  For now hope you enjoy some of the photos of what we experienced at the Art Museum and Gardens.

Another view of the front pond with it's sculpture, plants and turtles

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