Saturday, February 18, 2012

Plants and Projects

Just some photos to update what is happening in the new garden and projects around the house.

Things are sprouting and growing well already in the new garden area between the house and the barn. Lynda also has some more seedlings that she has started in our sun room and will be transplanting them soon. Kevin & Cameron are signed up for a class in San Diego next month on raising Tilapia using aquaponics - we have the basic hydroponics system running in the greenhouse, but have been planning from the start to switch to aquaponics and raise fish as soon as we got some experience and training.

The chickens are doing great, we got 7 eggs today and average about 4 each day so we have not had to buy eggs for some time and are starting to give them to Amber and Eddie!

Here's Hannah (who loves to work outside) picking olive leaves from the cut branches.  We dry and grind the leaves for making tea. Olive leaf tea is good for strengthening the immune system and to help alleviate cold symptoms.

Kevin and Cameron have started laying the new flooring in the kitchen.  They should be done this weekend!


  1. Wow!!!! I am so impressed! What amazing projects! :)

    1. Thanks Anne,
      Keeps us busy and out of trouble : )