Thursday, February 23, 2012

Over the Freeways & through LA - To Grandpa & Baba's we go!

No over the river and through the woods for us to travel to Lynda's parents house.  We live south of Los Angeles and they live north of Los Angeles, so it is a trek over the freeways and through the outskirts of LA to get there and back.

Today we went for a quick visit to pick up some old pool equipment and table saw that Lynda's dad was no longer using and gave to us.  The pumps, filter, heater, and pool equipment will most likely be used in our tilapia project. Cameron stayed behind to help with some other projects that they have going on around their property.

Removing old pool/spa equipment.
Helping move a radial arm saw.

Table saw, pool equipment, and other
goodies in the haul!

The girls had the chance to play with some bubbles and try out their new sunglasses that Baba and Grandpa brought for them.

Hannah also read one of her "Amelia Bedelia" books to Baba and Lauren.

 Some pictures of the children with their grandparents:

The girls getting to take home some old Disney videos.  Yes, we still have working VHS units in our house!  : )

Looking at Baba's Noah's ark collection.

Although we had to contend with the evening rush hour which extended our drive time back home, we were blessed with a beautiful sunset!


  1. That is so wonderful to have grandparents so close! What a fun day. :)

    And we love Amelia Bedelia, too!!!

  2. It is nice, we'll be going back up about a week from now to pick up Cameron and will stay a bit longer for another visit. The kids love it!!
    Amelia Bedelia is great for a fun way to learn play on words, or the same word with a different meaning. Hannah loves them.