Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Before we get to the DUCKS - first here are some cute photos of Cameron being a great big brother helping his little sister with her hair.

Now, the main story for the day - DUCKS!!!  (This has been updated since the original posting since we now have 10 -ducklings one additional one has appeared as of this evening).

Even with all the hard work of duck chasing and Cameron's duck blinds we lost the battle - mama duck appeared today (from some hidden place in the pool area) with 9 ducklings.  Lynda went out to water some plants she just started in the pool area and found them swimming in the pool.  Mama duck was able to get out of the pool, however the ducklings were too small and needed to be rescued by Lynda with the pool net.


  1. they willingly share the pool with the humans? So cute (though probably messy)!

  2. They scurry about when we appear. It's us who are much more resistent to sharing their company! Yuck, they are cute, but messy. So as soon as the little ones and momma leave we'll superchlorinate to prepare for our swim season : )